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High 5 Soil


Green Valley's High 5 Mix is a locally produced proprietary high porosity potting soil blend made up of organic materials including spaghnum peat moss, perlite, boiled rice hulls, aged forest products, mushroom compost, and worm castings. Our soil is independently lab tested to ensure optimal nutrient content and pH levels for all your growing needs.  Low salt and nitrate content allows for the immediate implementation of feeding programs.  Countless hours of effort perfecting this blend has produced a premium product providing excellent drainage, low compaction rates, and superior breathability which leads to strong root systems and healthy, thriving plants throughout the growing season.


  • 6 dry quart bags-$8

  • 2 cubic ft. bags-$13/54 per pallet

  • 2 yard super sacks-$280

  • bulk by the yard-$140

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