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Green Valley Soils

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Nursery/Cannabis/Hemp Producers

Green Valley Soils High 5 potting Mix is especially designed to provide the right balance between moisture retention and drainage. High 5 contains large amounts of micronutrients that are gradually available to your plants over the growth cycle which allows a quick implementation of your feeding programs without creating an excess of nitrates. The naturally occurring beneficial microbes in the soil help to create a well-balanced growing environment. The course materials in High 5 (aged bark, perlite, and Hydra-Fiber) allow for excellent air exchange to your plant’s root zone to help prevent mildew and encourage vigorous root development.

High 5 is tested for heavy metals and nutrient content to insure clean and consistent results. Our mixes are locally produced in small batch quantities and available in a variety of bag sizes as well as bulk. Our pallets are heat shrink covered with UVI resistant plastic to help prevent bag degradation and keep the soil dry while also allowing outdoor storage for longer periods than conventional shrink wrap pallets. Green Valley Soils works with several logistics companies to offer delivery options at a reasonable price. Contact one of our sales representatives today to get a free sample bag.

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